RockShot Enters Early Access On Steam, But Gets Hit With Pay-to-Win Criticisms

Gameforge and Soleil announced that the free-to-play third-person shooter, RockShot, is currently available to play right now either through the official website or through Steam.

The game’s Early Access features PvP and PvE modes, including the RAID mode, where two teams vie to take control over the other’s base and raid their resources. It centers around teams using the build mode to build up their base using resources they’ve gathered and then defend them against incoming attacks. As you defeat the enemy and acquire more control over the territory, your circle or influence and control will expand beyond your initial base to dominate the entire play field.

In addition to the RAID mode, you’ll also be able to participate in standard free-for-all matches where the last man standing wins, or fight it out against AI controlled enemies in the PvE mode where a group of players must defend an area against invading mutants.

You can get a small glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Soleil has been working on RockShot since mid-2017, where the game was initially in development. They’ve been sharing time between RockShot and the upcoming Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker.

They plan on wrapping up the Early Access version of RockShot sometime before 2018 is out or just heading into early 2019.

Right now the feedback is mixed, with plenty of gamers complaining about some rather important gameplay mechanics, such as hit-boxes and latency being the prime culprits of making the PvP less than fun.

There are also complaints about pay-to-win mechanics in the form of a lottery system, which sounds dangerously close to loot box gambling.

As Spurks Donut pointed out…

“If you take out the pay 2 win element and make it cosmetic only, I’ll absolutely change this to a positive review, as it’s deserving of one. Until then, I cannot endorse such low-blowing tactics.


“The Pay to Win models needs to die. You are eliminating a HUGE playerbase who just can’t afford to pay a ton of money just to keep a slight and/or major edge on other players. It’s insanely unfair and not in any way moral.”

Right now the general consensus is that RockShot has potential but the hit registry needs to be updated, the controls need to be tweaked, and the pay-to-win model needs to be removed. At that point, you might see the tide shift and the reviews turn more positive for the game.

You can learn more about RockShot by visiting the Steam store page.


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