Scorn Update Touches On Current Development Plans

Breaking radio silence once again comes an update from Ebb Software on the development on their first-person horror-adventure game Scorn. The update explains to fans what the team is developing, their priorities, and when fans can expect the next major update.

Personally, I’m intrigued to see more of Scorn. Ebb Software has managed to mix the works of Zdzisław Beksiński and others to create this wet, fleshy and somber atmosphere filled with mysterious creatures to make the beautiful looking world that is Scorn.

Although the first part of the horror-adventure game is set to release during the late part of this year, the devs took to Kickstarter to release the fourth update on what’s happening so far. Additionally, those interested in the game can (possibly) expect an update near the end of July, and what’s going on with the console version of Scorn.

With that said, fans of Scorn can read over the update notice that one of the devs of Ebb Software posted to Kickstarter:

“Hey everyone!


After a long(er) pause we’ve taken some time to make some videos of our artists working, so you could witness the creation of our world.


But, first of all, let us explain why it took us longer than one month. We need to dedicate extra time to set up and record footage for updates like this one. Since we are a relatively small team these tasks take away team members from their scheduled priority tasks and we always try to be as pragmatic and resources conscious as possible, especially at this stage of production. So, as always we’re game development first, everything else second as we’re aiming to create the best possible experience for you guys.”

Before jumping into the new development videos, the dev posted a quick Q&A. You can read the answers to questions one and five below:

Q1: Is Scorn coming to PS4 or Xbox One?


A1: We are currently developing the PC version only, and we will develop console versions if we get the resources to do so.


Q5: When can we expect next major update?


A5: You can expect it by the end of July 2018 (probably).

The official development videos showing objects, walls, floors, ornaments, and other environmental pieces can be accessed through the given links: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5.

Scorn will release in two parts with the first episode to launch sometime late this year for PC via Steam and GOG. The full update post can be read over by heading to