The Predator Trailer Reveals That A Behemoth Predator Is Hunting Another Predator
The Predator (2018)

Shane Black’s The Predator teaser trailer was crap. A while ago it was released and it just looked like crap. A lot of fans weren’t pleased and I couldn’t blame them. However, a far more ambitious trailer was released, practically giving away the entire film within its two and a half minute run-time, but also introducing a far more fascinating prospect for the film: there’s a behemoth, mutant Predator hunting another Predator.

The title of the film now seems to make a lot more sense. There appears to be two Predators in the film, one of which gets injured during a ship crash and taken into a lab to be experimented on by pesky humans, and another bestial (or more bestial?) Predator who escapes from the wreckage and goes on a killing spree. Ultimately the behemoth Predator appears to want to become The Predator… like a Predator that rules them all.

You can check out the cool new, action-packed trailer below.

The film is still diversity central; there’s just no escaping that. However, if you look beyond that facet of the film, there’s a far more interesting plot element taking shape that could prove to be quite entertaining if it isn’t jumbled, jambled, and turned janky with studio meddling.

So the plot doesn’t really give anything away other than that there’s a genetically upgraded version of the Predator mixed with the DNA from other species and that their return to Earth was triggered by a young boy somehow. The diversity crew of ex-soldiers are the only ones who can stop the super Predator. How the boy triggers the device or why humanity is at stake is being kept secret for now.

From what I can gather, the new behemoth hunter seems to really hate the other Predator species, which probably means that the other Predators may have been experimenting on the behemoth? Could it be that the behemoth escaped and caused the ship to crash?

The Predator (2018) - Behemoth Predator

It’s really tough to tell why the behemoth Predator hates the other Predator, but I suppose that’s the twist to the film?

I’m a little torn on them introducing the new Predator, though. I think the marketing team would have been wiser to just show the other Predator get pulled through the wall but they never show the other behemoth. It would have left people theorizing, creating YouTube videos about what the new antagonist could be, and speculating all the way up toward its September 14th, 2018 theatrical release.

Anyway, props to 20th Century Fox for at least attempting to rebound The Predator after that gosh-awful teaser trailer they released before. I can’t say that this looks like it’s going to be anything great given how all over the place this second trailer was, but at the same time it at least seems to be proposing some cool concepts. Let’s just hope the action sequences can live up to what’s promised in the trailer, and oh dear goodness let’s hope that there’s no diversity plot armor to ruin the immersion of the film.


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