Train Sim World Set To Make Its Debut On Xbox One, PS4 Starting July 24th

Train Sim World

U.K., studio Dovetail Games announced that the popular PC title, Train Sim World, will be making its debut on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for the first time starting July 24th next month. The game will also be available on PC as well, but we already knew that… right?

The title is a first-person, realistic train simulator. You take control of various trains, utilize realistic train maneuvering and operability, and then you take passengers and/or cargo from one destination to the next.

There’s a trailer for Train Sim World set to some proverbially epic inspiration music… no really, it’s the kind of music you hear if you go onto YouTube and type in “epic inspiration music”. You can check it out below.

Look, I have to be honest… the graphical upgrade to Dovetail’s titles is highly noticeable. The game looks really, really good. If you weren’t readily paying attention you could just as well mistaken Train Sim World for the real world.

It’s amazing how far some simulators have come in the graphics department, practically achieving photorealism at this point.

You’ll be able to take control of the Amtrak passenger train or the CSX freight trainers throughout the Northeast corridor of New York City in the United States. Alternatively you can move through Britain’s jam-packed railway system with a Class 43 HST, while traveling along the Great Western Main Line around Lond’s Paddington Station. Or you can really test your mettle by taking on Germany’s S-Bahn railway line while navigating the Deutsche Bahn’s signaling system.

The Founder’s edition is currently available for pre-order for £24.99, while the deluxe edition will be available for £44.99.

If Dovetail’s previous games are any indication, expect plenty of DLC packs to become available for both PC and home consoles post-release.

For more info feel free to visit the official Dovetail Games website.

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