Valve Still Refuses To Talk To MangaGamer About Maidens Of Michael Steam Ban
A Kiss For The Petals Maidens of Michael

Back during early spring Valve banned A Kiss For The Petals: Maidens of Michael, a yuri visual novel, from Steam. The reason for the ban has been reportedly linked to a troll who wanted to get the game off of the Steam store, as noted by Operation Rainfall.

On April 9th, 2018 MangaGamer reiterated that they believed that the game was removed from Steam under false pretenses, due to a malicious troll campaign carried out by a vindictive user.

Despite these revelations coming to pass, MangaGamer has still be given the cold shoulder by Valve, with no way of having their title, A Kiss For The Petals: Maidens of Michael. After Valve recently posted a blog post about taking a hands-off approach to curating games on Steam, and that they wouldn’t be censoring games submitted to the digital distribution service, some users began asking MangaGamer about getting Maidens of Michael back on Steam.

The translator for the adult-games publisher made it known that Valve still isn’t responding to their requests and still haven’t made it known exactly why Maidens of Michael had to be banned from Steam.

The inability to appeal the decision also means that they’re unable to make any kind of specific edits to the game to get back on Steam.

So far the game has been dormant in the backend since March 8th, 2018, according to the Steam Database.

But without Valve communicating as to why the game was banned in the first place, MangaGamer can’t make any sort of alterations to the title to appeal for approval.

Some gamers have resolved to starting a petition on, seeking signatures to help get Valve to consider bringing the game back to Steam.

For now, Valve has been mum about why they decided to ban the game from the platform and why they won’t address MangaGamer or return any of their inquiries about the ban.

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