Warframe Guide: How To Get Limbo Prime And His Relics

Digital Extremes have released the Prime version of Limbo, as well as Destreza Prime and Pyrana Prime for Warframe. The third-person looter shooter is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

In this guide, folks looking to get a hold of Limbo Prime and his Relics will hopefully be able to do so right now. The primed version of Limbo, like any other prime, possess the ability to absorb 250 energy (and to share it with nearby allies) when passing an Orokin Void Death Orb.

Limbo Prime also sports higher Shields compared to his vanilla self (100/300 Vs. 75/225), higher Armor (85 Vs. 65), higher Energy (175/262 Vs. 150/225), two additional Polarities slots to equate four (Madurai x2, Naramon and Vazarin Vs. Madurai x2), and has a higher Mastery Rank requirement (MR 4 Vs. MR 0).

Thanks to YouTuber Faceless Beanie, you can watch a visual guide on how to farm Limbo Prime Relics. However, it’s worth noting that you can obtain his parts in Sanctuary Onslaught and Cetus bounties, but they can take a lot longer than the following methods:

If the above video seems helpful to you, but you want to know how much it cost to build Limbo Prime, then you shouldn’t worry. Below lies Limbo Prime and his Relics, Relic rarity, Credits, Prime parts, and components to build him.

Blueprint – Meso Z1 (Uncommon)

  • Credits: 25,000
  • Prime Helmet: 1
  • Prime Chassis: 1
  • Prime Systems: 1
  • Orokin Cell: 5

Neuroptics – Axi L2 (Rare)

  • Credits: 15,000
  • Neural Sensor: 2
  • Cryotic: 300
  • Rubedo: 450
  • Nano Spores: 900

Chassis – Neo L1 (Rare)

  • Credits: 15,000
  • Argon Crystal: 2
  • Morphics: 6
  • Alloy Plate: 1,675
  • Circuits: 550

Systems – Lith B3 (Uncommon)

  • Credits: 15,000
  • Nitain Extract: 2
  • Tellurium: 2
  • Salvage: 3,000
  • Plastids: 100

You can learn more about Limbo Prime and his Relics by hitting up Warframe’s official Wikia page. Lastly, the Wikia page also holds other important information on Warframes and weapons, too, like the newly added weapons Destreza Prime and Pyrana Prime.


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