Wreckfest Cheats Offer Infinite Money, Exp, God Mode
Wreckfest Cheats

Bugbear Entertainment’s return to form with Wreckfest has been a huge success. The crowdfunded game has finally graduated from Early Access on PC. For those of you who purchased the game and want access to all the best parts without having to actually struggle and earn all the cash and unlock all the cars.

There’s a cheat trainer that you can download from over on Megadev.info.

The trainer contains the following cheats:

  • +500 Credits
  • +1,000 Credits
  • +5,000 Credits
  • +10,000 Credits
  • Player: Maximum 3rd Gear
  • Player: Maximum 2nd Gear
  • Player: Maximum 1st Gear
  • AI: Maximum 4th Gear
  • AI: Maximum 3rd Gear
  • AI: Maximum 2nd Gear
  • AI: Maximum 1st Gear
  • AI: No Gear
  • +10 Seconds Wreckfest-Time
  • -10 Seconds Wreckfest-Time
  • Low Health
  • God Mode

Those are some very useful codes when it comes to gaining some quick experience and some fast cash for your profile.

The low health cheat is kind of weird, as it would easily make you easily susceptible to losing just about any race you’re in.

The god mode, however, is the opposite of the low health cheat. You’ll be able to blast through both the races and the derby runs without having to worry about your vehicle getting absolutely wrecked.

There’s a second cheat trainer available for download as well, but it’s a premium trainer from Cheat Happens.

The Wreckfest trainer contains the following cheats:

  • Set CR Credits
  • Set XP
  • Unlimited Durability Meter
  • Low AI Durability Meter
  • Freeze AI
  • Spin Out AI
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Instant Brakes
  • Super Jump

The game was in Early Access for years, but after finally launching gamers were treated with a full suite of customization features, the ability to modify the armor on the car, the body parts and more.

The game feature a full career mode, along with various single races, and a multiplayer mode for full online support. In addition to this, the game also supports full modding so the PC version will have plenty of replayability for those of you who beat the career mode. I imagine the cheats will also add an extra measure of fun and entertainment for the game as well.

Also, obviously, you’ll want to avoid using the cheat trainers when playing online, otherwise you might get VAC banned, so always cheat responsibly.

You can get your hands on Wreckfest right now for PC on the Steam store


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