Academia: School Simulator Cheats Give You Infinite Money
Academia School Simulator Cheats

Squeaky Wheel Studio’s Academia: School Simulator is exactly what it says it is: an academic school simulator. It’s designed in a similar vein as Introversion Software’s Prison Architect, where players are put in control of a school and must ensure that kids learn, kids are educated, and that they manage to score big on the PISA and move up the ranks on the I.Q., world leaderboards. If you find that you can’t get your kids up the educational ladder the normal way, you can very much cheat your way to the top just like China.

There are a couple of cheat trainers available for you to acquire including a free trainer that you can download from

  • +10,000 Money
  • +50,000 Money
  • +100,000 Money
  • +1,000,000 Money
  • Unlimited Money
  • Reset Money 0

With all that money you can deck your school out with the sort of bling that Cambridge could only wish they could get their hands on. The option to reset the money to zero is probably only useful if you’ve bungled your game and you have no idea how to undo it. Even still, resetting to zero seems a bit extreme.

The second cheat trainer includes a few other options, but it’s a premium trainer you can download from Cheat Happens.

The only option for the premium cheat is to add infinite amounts of money. That’s it.

As for Academia: School Simulator, the game entered into Early Access back in September of 2017. The game lets you manage the budget for building out the school, manage the students, and setup the scheduling, research, and school specialization.

So if you want to be a preppy school to keep the undesirables out, you can do that. If you want to be a vocational school that focuses on teaching kids certain kinds of skills, you can do that, too.

The game is currently in Early Access but the developers plan to wrap up the Early Access run by September of 2018. For more info you can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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