Angelo and Deemon Are on ‘One Helluva Quest’ for Blog Views

I’ve watched it thrice already and I still don’t know what to make of Angelo & Deemon. I might have a thing or two to say about the overabundant emoji’s and I’m pretty sure a very fussy internet person would take offence at the trailer text.

But apart from these? I’m inclined to conclude that the in-game subtitles add to the intentional Ukranian flavour and that this entire proposition of a point n’ click adventure is starting to grow on me.

I doubt Angelo & Deemon has anything to do with that thing Dan Brown wrote because we have here one ambitious blogger with a subscriber count of 865,272. Angelo perhaps isn’t satisfied and in a fit of rage one night, accidentally sends the Grim Reaper a premature invitation.

When summoned to the underworld the man consents, looking at it from the perspective of the social media likes/views he’ll garner by creating a video of his trip-to-hell-and-back for the internet. If that sounds like an absurd marketing strategy, wait till you hear of Deemon – the demonic mob boss accompanying Angelo on his quest.

Specialbit Studios puts its boast in the game’s art style, promising that it will be helluva great-looking and unique, and I believe them. Angelo & Deemon’s environments are made of vivid lines, curves and details to the extent that they appear inviting to the player at first sight.

From considering an alternative camera perspective, animated French art, light-hearted variants to finally settling on the traditionally grim ambience that you currently behold, the team provides a brief gloss of its creative process in its first developer diary here.

Also said to be included are a memorable cast of characters of varying personalities, each adding to a pool of dialogues that will be equal parts humorous and philosophical. Puzzles will be of the hard variety, for which Specialbit seems to have quite the penchant judging by its prior releases.

Angelo & Deemon’s desktop and mobile releases have been hinted for an Autumn, 2018 period. Follow along if you must.


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