Anima: Gate Of Memories, Emo Hack-and-Slash Title Now Available For Nintendo Switch
Anima Gate of Memories

If you haven’t been getting enough of the whole emo, brooding, grim-dark, hack-and-slash fanfare from your Nintendo Switch library as you may have liked, Badland Games has a title just for you. It’s called Anima: Gate of Memories, and it’s developed by Anima Project.

The Spanish publisher announced that the game is only ten days tardy compared to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One release of Anima: Gate of Memories, but it’s currently available for the Nintendo Switch for $19.99 from over on the Nintendo eShop.

The game is part of the Nameless Chronicles form the Anima Project. It ties into another entry in the series, both of which can be acquired under the Anima: Arcane Edition bundle.

The Gate of Memories is exactly like the other game, only from the perspective of the main villain known as the Nameless One. It’s almost similar to the Legacy of Kain series.

As the Nameless One you’ll venture throughout the cosmos to rekindle the meaning of the Nameless’ existence and discover his true path.

The game is steeped in the sort of emo-anime tropes some gamers and anime fans have grown to love. It borrows its inspiration heavily from titles like NieR: Automata and Devil May Cry.

You’ll have the ability to utilize the Hand of Tanathos as the main action-system, customizing the Nameless One’s abilities and skills throughout the game as you unlock sword techs and magic attacks.

You’ll also have access to more than a dozen weapons and powers.

It looks like a classic action-oriented hack-and-slash game. Based on the brief trailer it doesn’t look like it’s filled with any sort of agitprop, so that’s a major plus. Of course, it’s still probably best to check out user reviews before diving into and purchasing the game blindly.

You can learn more about Anima: Gate of Memories by visiting the official website.


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