Asus New ZenFone 5Q Series Smartphone Available In US
ZenFone 5Q

Earlier this year, Asus announced it’s latest three ZenFone (5- series) smartphones, the new mid-range Android handsets are the ZenFone 5, ZenFone 5Z and the ZenFone 5Q. All three ZenFone 5-series were released in mid-June, the ZenFone 5 and the ZenFone 5Z are available in Europe, South America and parts of Asia. The ZenFone 5Q is available in the United States.

Now that the 5Q has made its debut let’s look at the details on what this smartphone has to offer. The retail price is $299, the 5Q is the more affordable and the least powerful out of the three, with that said, let’s talk about details, beside being called 5Q it’s also known as 5Lite, this 6-inch screen has full HD 1080 x 2160 pixel IPS display, unlocked and it’s compatible with GSM/LTE, and providers like T-Mobile and AT & T.

The body is aluminum and glass and runs on Android 8 – Oreo ( reviews on state this device comes out of the box as 7.1.1, and should receive an update of Android 8 soon.) The 5Q/Lite is available in three colors – Midnight Black, Rouge Red, and Moonlight White.

Let’s discuss specifications and whats under the hood, the 5Q/Lite has Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, GPU – Qualcomm Adreno 508, with 4GB RAM, with 64GB of storage space, a 3300 mAh battery, with average phone usage users can expect up to a full day of usage before needing to recharge. MircoSD card which supports up to 2TB, USB cable port (no USB-C), and a notch free design.

In the camera department, this baby boasts of a total of four cameras, it has Dual main front cameras, Sony 20mp f/2.0 aperture, and a 120 wide angle (great for taking selfies), the back cameras 16mp f/2.2 aperture, with PixelMaster with Night HDR and Portrait, the second back camera has a 120 wide angle 6p lens. both cameras support Portrait Mode.

Video recording is available with the option to support still photos while recording videos. A 3.5mm headphone jack, and dual internal microphones. To order on-line visit:



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