Aurion Comic Book’s First Volume Available Online
Aurion Comic

Kiro’o Games, an African video game development studio based out of Cameroon, announced that the companion comic book for the beat-’em-up action-RPG, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, is currently available online right now. The game came out back in April, 2016 over on the Steam store and is currently available for $14.99.

The comic is available to peruse for interested readers over on the official website, where the eight chapter volume can be read in its entirety.

The chapters are in PDF format and inked out in black and white like a typical manga. The black and white version will be free, but Kiro’o is also working on colored versions of the comic as well. In the press release they demonstrated what it will look like in the colored format.


According to the founder of the game studio, Olivier Madiba, while the black and white version will be free, the full color version will be available as a physical release and will carry a price tag with it. Madiba explained…

“We know most manga fans read online scans, so we decided to offer them free manga every month online. However, the physical versions will be sold in color or with an improved texture.”

So basically you’ll be able to learn more about the backstory to Aurion and get a bit more understanding about the game’s world through the comic books. The black and white versions will be freely released each month while the full color versions will be available for purchase from Amazon.

Kiro’o Games has plans on further expanding into more comic books, mobile games, and animated cartoons in the coming years as the studio expands.

The original game for Aurion was Kickstarted years ago, back when games were regularly crowdfunded and managed to get fairly big bucks from gamers before all the scammers came along and ruined it for everybody.

Anyway, you can check out the comic right now if you’re interested. The beat-’em-up game is also available right now over on the Steam store.


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