Bad Pad, Hard Rock Musical-Platformer Graduates From Early Access On August 8th

Bad Pad

Headbang Games and Oray Studios announced that Bad Pad, the hard-rock musical platformer featuring an anthropomorphic game pad facing off against an evil brain, will finally graduate from Early Access on Steam starting next month on August 8th.

The comedic platformer is based on a mix of the Metroidvania genre along with taking some cues from Edmund McMillen’s Super Meat Boy.

The game starts with a gamer whose controllers come to life after he goes to get some cake. Players take on a gamepad button that has to hunt down and defeat the Evil Pen.

Players will battle through four acts, 17 levels, and 160 scenes. The design of the levels are a mix of traditional platform progression but with a Metroidvania-element to them so that you’ll have to do some backtracking in order to progress and defeat all 10 of the bosses scattered across the game.

The hook for the game is that it has a Rocky Horror Picture Show presentation to it, with various hard rock songs sprinkled throughout the game to help tell the story and unravel the plot.

It’s another one of those retro-style games and features various environmental puzzles with physics-based gravity effects, along with gamepad support and three game difficulties.

The side-scrolling platformer currently has a free demo available that you can download right now, in addition to the game being available in Early Access for $14.99. The game entered into Early Access back in the early first half of 2017 and the developers expected to only spend six to eight months in Early Access but it turned into a year and half of development. Such is the way of Early Access development.

You can now look for the full version to launch on August 8th next month. For more info, feel free to grab the demo from the Steam store page.