Ball Grabbers Launches On Steam For $4.99
Ball Grabbers

Part Time Monkey recently launched Ball Grabbers onto the Steam store for $4.99. During the first week of release you can grab the game for 20% off at just $3.99. The developers took time out to redesign the characters and environments ahead of release, so that gamers will feel compelled to take charge and score victories by grabbing ’em by the balls.

The game is a one-vs-one action sports game, a little like a 3D isometric version of Windjammers but designed to be silly and goofy and with a ridiculous set of levels to play through.

The game sees two players battling it out across various arenas, where the objective is to grab the ball and toss it at your opponent’s goal. If you can hit the goal successfully, you’ll score a point.

The player with the most points win. Each stage has its own themed motif, so sometimes the goals will change into surfboards, other times they’ll be chess pieces, or you might even find yourself attempting to score by hitting scarecrows. You can see the game in action with the trailer below.

It’s a rather simple game, but it does offer some in-depth playability as far as skill is concerned. For instance, you can jump, dash, run, throw and even tackle your opponents in order to secure the ball and attempt to score a point.

As revealed in the trailer, each of the five playable arenas have their own quirks, and sometimes there will be obstructions that move across the arena that can change the outcome of a match.

There are three different characters to choose from, and the game can be played with a controller or via keyboard.

The requirements are pretty low, as any processor will do and you only need 2GB of RAM to boot it up.

According to the developers they were inspired by Gang Beasts and Mario Strikers and wanted something fun to play without requiring any serious engagements.

Unfortunately the game does not have any single-player modes and the multiplayer is restricted to local machines, so if you have a friend who wants to grab your balls and score, you can do so… together.

Feel free to visit the Steam store page to learn more.


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