Bethesda Shines Light On Fallout 76 Battle Royale, Elder Scrolls VI At Gamelab Barcelona 2018

Bethesda has a lot of games planned or set to come out under its publishing branch (Bethesda Softworks) and its developing sector (Bethesda Game Studios), the latter of which has Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls VI, and Starfield planned as future releases. With that said, some information on the former titles have been spilled during the Gamelab Barcelona 2018 event featuring Todd Howard.

Thanks to publication site we learn whether or not Fallout 76 will feature a Battle Royale mode, fast travel, an anti-bully setup, and how gameplay footage and the release will play out for The Elder Scrolls VI.

Skipping through parts of the interview between said publication site and Howard, the interviewer wanted to know with constant talk about Battle Royale in this period and PvP survival elements nestled within Fallout 76, will there be a Battle Royale mode in the game? Howard responded:

“We’ll see … look, at the moment our only thought is to make sure that the game works perfectly. Then we will adjust according to what people ask and we will make some attempts. At the moment, however, we want the basic game, the main one, to run at its best.”

In other words, if the game can run stable at launch and post-launch and fans demand a Battle Royale mode, Bethesda will make some “attempts” at it, but to what degree? That remains to be a mystery.

Another question aimed at Howard revolves around the act of spawn killing people. The interviewer wanted to know if there will be a system in place to stop people from standing outside the vault (or spawn point) and killing someone constantly? Howard explained:

“There are several tricks we are implementing to prevent the other players from doing exactly the things you describe. For example, at the moment you can not kill a player until he reaches level 5. Maybe we will change this rule, but we are aware of the risks because that stuff does not appeal to us either. But it does not scare us to try new things and leave the players the total freedom to fight at their discretion or to not do so if they are not interested.”

Vehicles will not be in Fallout 76, but there will be another way to zip around the 35th state of the U.S.. This very method comes in the form of “fast travel,” which Howard confirmed to the publication site with a simple “Yup.” It’s unclear how fast travel will work, but it will be in the game.

The next question — and the last one for this piece — the publication site shifted the conversation over to The Elder Scrolls VI and wanted to know if announcing a game too early, such as Kingdom Hearts 3, is a good thing. Howard responded:

“Actually we are not showing the title yet and the situation is different from what happened with Kingdom Hearts or other products. They have been revealed more completely: everyone has seen the game. Instead of The Elder Scrolls 6, nothing has yet been seen. The precise moment when you will see it, will be close to the release.”

In other words, the time when gameplay footage goes up showing The Elder Scrolls VI means that its release is shortly following thereafter.

You can read the full interview that has up on its site by hitting up the given link.


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