Blister Update Shows Off Lethal Weapons And Bean Bag Projectiles

Item 42 has released short clips of Blister’s weapons in action, spanning from lethal weapons and their recoil patterns to non-lethal bean bags and how they can become dangerous. Blister, the game, is currently in development for PC via Steam.

Hailing from the Steam Greenlight days and attempting to make a future debut, likely in late 2018 or sometime in 2019, comes Item 42’s Blister. The game is about special British operatives fighting for Queen and country against terrorist groups and aims to be a first-person shooter single-player game.

Speaking of FPS mechanics, the devs have been adding “weight” to the plethora of firearms and weapons in Blister. According to the following tweet, a lot of work has gone into the game where you can be the judge by viewing it here:

Let’s say you’re not into lethal weapons, well there’s good news for you in that bean bag ammunition is a thing. Using physical animations in Unreal Engine 4, bean bag shells can be loaded into weapons like shotguns that offer a non-lethal approach. However, there are dangerous side effects.

Depending on where you hit an opposing force will send them clutching at that area — like their chest. Also, shooting someone with a bean bag near an area like steps or a ledge can send them flying off, causing injuries or death.

Like any game that’s still in development, expect ragdoll, lighting, animations, shooting mechanics, and other UI and effects to be changed later down the line.

Overall, Blister still has my interests piqued. Hopefully, the devs can stick to their guns and bring a fun title to the games industry that will stand the test of times. But, until then, we’ll have to wait and see how Blister pans out while it’s in development.

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