Burkley Presents Its Stylish Genuine Leather Wireless Charger Stand
Burkley Wireless Charger Stand

Burkley’s real cowhide leather with it’s embossed icon symbol of a Bison on its pebble grain leather wireless charging stand is not only stylish and good looking, but It’s also known for fast charging.

The stand is optimized to currently charge with the iPhone 8s and compatible wireless enabled Android phones as well. Once the handset is placed on the wireless stand charging begins immediately, the quality upright genuine leather stand allows for a safe and fast charge.

The 2 coil system is safe and has a fast charge with it’s built-in smart recognition chip which allows for a rapid and sensitive response to the charging device. All normal activities such as making calls, sending messages and browsing the internet, can continue on while the device is charging without interrupting the charging process.

The leverages Qi wireless technology delivers safe yet high speed wireless charging with an conversion rate up to 70% with the WPC and Q1 standard technology. One of it’s intellectual feature is the stand can recognize metal objects, this way the system can avoid over heating or overloading. The stand-up wireless stand currently charges the iPhone 8/8 Plus, and the iPhone X. Samsung S9 Plus, Samsung Note 8. Samsung Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 Edge, Nokia 1520, LG and the Nexus 5.

The sleek slim design can fit perfectly in any home or office, the unique interior design provides protection from over-voltage, under-voltage and short circuiting. The bottom rubber base makes it extra stable for staying in place. Once the handset is placed on the wireless charger the light indicator will turn blue for two seconds, this indicates the device is connected to the power, once the device is fully charged the indicator turns green.

Currently the black leather charging stand is on sale at Burkleycase.com for $29.00, regular retail price is $49.00. Some of the technical specifications for this wireless stand are – Input : 5V/2A or 9V/2A, Output : 5W. 10W (Max), mini USB charge cable, and can charge through most cases that are up to 3mm. To order visit – Burkleycase.com


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