Crisis In The Kremlin Cheats Give You Infinite Money, KGB Loyalty, Science Points
Crisis in the Kremlin Cheats

Russian developers KremlinGames released Crisis in the Kremlin back in spring of 2017. The game is a political simulator themed around restructuring and restoring the might of Russia during the Perestroyka era. There’s actually a new set of cheats for the strategy game.

You can download the premium trainer from over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer contains the following cheats for Crisis in the Kremlin:

  • Science Points
  • Population
  • Money
  • Political Power Points
  • Loyalty Generals
  • Loyalty KGB
  • Power KGB
  • Opposition

So the cheats will help give you everything you need to turn the Russian empire into super power. The science points means you can unlock new research and further the advancements of your party. The loyalty cheats means that no matter what you do the KGB will stay loyalty to your power, along with the military generals.

The game is centered around either building a new state out of Perestroykya, or tearing down and rebuilding the Soviet Union into a new era of Communism, Conservatism, Socialism, or a mix of all three.

You have the ability to control state planning committees, assigning diplomatic actions to various party groups, along with dealing with international affairs.

For all the pink-haired, mohawk-wearing, facial-pierced, otherkin who think Communism is the key to the future, you can experiment with their crazy utopian policies and see how well that turns out. Alternatively, you can apply more common sense policies and see how well a Conservative approach works with making Russia great again.

The reviews for the game are mostly all positive, as they highlight the simple control mechanics but very in-depth meta mechanics that change the way the game unfolds as you put political pressure on certain regions, or attempt to restore peace, or start war and profit from it.

You can learn more about Crisis in the Kremlin by checking out the Steam store page.


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