Dark Matter Comic Seeks Kickstarter Funds, Rekindles Classic Fantasy-Action Storytelling
Dark Matter Rise of the Lexicons

Advent Comics’ Dark Matter: Rise of the Lexicons is being compared to the Marvel comic books from the 1990s, back when they had a striking art-style and compelling stories. The artwork for the book is filled with a lot of eye-catching colors and dynamic character work. At the moment, the indie comic book is seeking funds on Kickstarter, with a goal of just $2,000.

They have 23 days left on the docket and have raised $636 so far. Feedback has been positive given that it looks like the kind of comic book that hearkens back to the old days when compelling stories and interesting characters were matched up with mesmeric imagery on just about every panel.

In the case of Dark Matter: Rise of the Lexicons, the comic centers around a science-fantasy adventure set on the planet of Konterra. It’s a war-torn planet where clans battle it out using steel and guns. The reigning clans rule to protect, while a violent clan known as Mil attempts to rise up and overthrow the old rulers. Mil is led by a warrior named Donn who was so fierce that they feared him as a demon. The clans battled until eventually they managed to destroy the planet in the process.

The story follows the aftermath of the destruction and the surviving clansmen involved. You can check out the artwork and some of the characters in the pitch video below.

Art-wise the comic looks fairly interesting, it reminds me of a mix of X-Men meets Spawn meets Masters of the Universe.

The plan is to get the comic funded, finished, and out digitally by next month, in August.

The creator of the comic book, Tony Kittrell, tries to keep a low profile on social media but isn’t afraid to wave his colors as a patriotic American.

It’s unlikely that the mainstream comic book media will take note of Dark Matter given that it doesn’t adhere to the standard identitarianism pushed by the major comic book publishers.

Whether or not this is something that deserves backing will probably boil down to whether or not you really want to see more independent comic books out there that rekindle the old days of the printed graphic novels, made for a new generation of comic book fans.

You can learn more by visiting the Dark Matter Kickstarter page.


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