Don’t Play This Game Delayed To August 3rd, 2018

Don’t Play This Game is as cryptic as it is intriguing. All that’s known about the game is that you play an individual trying to escape a systematic algorithm that is trying to consume you through mass  confusion. However, it looks like the game has been delayed from July 27th, 2018, now to August 3rd, 2018.

Don’t Play This Game by Unknown is a strange and mysterious first-person shooter that resembles SUPERHOT, and leans on the trippy side. The game in question mixes modern day FPS mechanics like aiming down sights and sprinting, along with puzzle solving in a nebulous computer-like space.

Well, if that sounds like fun, Don’t Play This Game was supposed to release today (July 27th, 2018) but has been delayed. You can look over the game’s official Steam page showing the new release date right here:

We know that the game was originally set to launch on the former date thanks to the “Zero Day” trailer closing segment.

I’m not sure if the delay is for polishing the game, adding more content or something else, but Don’t Play This Game will release in the next couple of weeks in the early part of August. Folks curious about what this game is about or how it plays will finally be able to put those thoughts to rest thanks to a live demo.

If you want, you can play a slice of Don’t Play This Game by installing the demo, which is currently available on its Steam Early Access page. However, the demo is an old build of Don’t Play This Game and does not reflect any changes made as of 2018.

Whether August 3rd is something of importance or not, you can keep up to date with all things Don’t Play This Game by heading on over to its official Steam page.


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