Escape From Tarkov 0.9.0 Update Adds Dealmaker Boss, Nvidia Highlights
Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games’ realistic survival FPS set in Russia, Escape From Tarkov, has been updated to version 0.9.0. The most recent update adds new weapons to the stash, a new boss, and the addition of Nvidia Highlights.

So to get the least important thing out of the way first is Nvidia Highlights… this is a feature that allows players to record highlights from the match and save the episodes. This is only available for GPUs with the Highlights feature built-in.

Additionally, Nikita Buyanov, the head of the development studio, explained in the press release that in addition to adding stun grenades and smoke grenades, they’ve also added lots of new items and trader quests…

“With this patch we have added to the game approximately 50 new weapon mods and 30 new items, 14 new trader quests, and made numerous changes, fixes and improvements. Also, our programmers continuously work on performance optimization which gradually furthers the game to the next stage – open beta testing. Also, it won’t be long before we are going to stage a major game event. You don’t want to miss the announcement, this will be awesome! “

You can see some of the new weapon modifications in action with the trailer below.

The biggest change to the game is the addition of the new boss, the Dealmaker. He runs a sizable gang in the territory and scouts around with his men. If he finds himself in danger, he will call for reinforcements to help him out. They will also change tactics in order to get the upperhand on foes, using cover fire and advanced flanking tactics in order to undermine aggressive foes.

Thankfully, with the addition of the new sights, grips and scopes, you should be able to get the jump on the Dealmaker and his scavs.

Escape From Tarkov - Weapon Attachments

According to Battlestate Games, the Dealmaker is just the first of four planned bosses that they want to implement into Escape From Tarkov.

This should increase the game’s cooperative element quite a bit, given that the PvE challenges will reduce the need to focus solely on PvP.

You can learn more about the 0.9.0 update or register to take part in the beta test by visiting the official website.


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