Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC Gameplay, Weapons, Enemies Revealed

It’s safe to say that Lost on Mars is a “far cry” from Hope County, and if you want to see why there’s good news in that Ubisoft has released a new explanation trailer for Far Cry 5’s second DLC. The second round of downloadable content will be available to Season Pass and Gold Editions owner, and as a standalone purchase for $9.99 on July 17th across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Spoiler Warning: The following footage and information may be considered spoiler territory. If you want to go in blind while lost on the fourth planet from the sun, it’s best to turn back now.

Firstly, you can check out the newly posted video trailer right here explaining what you’ll be doing on the red planet that is Mars.

If you want to make an informed purchase (whether it be spitting up money for the Season Pass, Gold Edition or a standalone purchase of $9.99), YouTuber ACG has a review video on the Lost on Mars DLC below.

If you skipped out on both videos, Lost on Mars is about Nick Rye helping Hurk, but in doing so leads him outside of Hope County and all the way to Mars. Nick must master foreign or “alien” tech to battle out-of-this-world Arachnids and restore power to ANNE – a futuristic AI that is humanity’s last line of defense against the Arachnids.

Key features included in the second DLC consist of new Arachnid enemies, the opportunity to revisit Nick Rye and Hurk from Far Cry 5’s main campaign, the chance to use weapons like the Obliteratorrr, Tazer Phazer Anniliazer, Nerve Reaper, Grape Popper, and Hellfire, and the chance to wear the “Lost on Mars Outfit.”

Furthermore, Mars will not keep you bound to the ground like the main game or the Hours of Darkness DLC, instead, defy gravity and blast across Mars with your “Space Jets” to navigate the extraterrestrial terrain.

Also, new stuff has been added, too.

New Assets:

  • Robot factory structures and pieces
  • Exterior Martian base walls
  • Interior laboratory setups and pieces
  • Martian rocks and terrain textures
  • Towers and platforms setups and pieces
  • Arachnid destructible pillars and eggs
  • Sci-fi particles (holograms, lasers, and more)

New Features:

  • Photo Mode is now available via the Main Menu in Solo modes
  • New Lobby Browser added in the Arcade for Multiplayer Lobbies
  • New Assets Added in the Far Cry Arcade Editor
  • New Lost on Mars static assets and weapons
  • New Hours of Darkness assets (vehicles and weapons, enemy and animal AI, vegetation and static assets)

Lastly, you can access Lost on Mars by picking up the Season Pass and Gold Editions of Far Cry 5, or you can purchase Lost on Mars as a standalone DLC for $9.99. More info on the Lost on Mars DLC can be found on news.ubisoft.com.


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