Final Score Trailer Sees Dave Bautista Fighting Off Terrorists During A Soccer Game
Final Score (2018)

Bruce Willis had Die Hard. Steven Seagal had Under Siege. Sylvester Stallone had Cliffhanger. Jean-Claude Van Damme had Sudden Death. The Rock had Skyscraper. And Dave Bautista gets the Final Score.

The Sky Cinema and Signature Pictures production sees Dave Bautista in the role of an ex-special forces attending a soccer game with his niece. Some eastern European terrorists (basically Russian terrorists) attempt to take the stadium hostage and lock everyone inside during a big soccer game. The terrorists want Bautista to retrieve a fellow comrade in the stadium played by Pierce Brosnan. Why do they want him? We don’t know. But what we do know is that if Bautista doesn’t retrieve Brosnan within 90 minutes, they kill his niece.

Thus, Bautista is forced into action, fighting off the terrorists using his combat prowess and action-hero skills that he’s picked up over his budding career in Hollywood. You can check out the first trailer for the upcoming theatrical release of Final Score below.

I’m not really sure why some of the scenes near the end of the trailer have Bautista dubbing over the lines, but maybe it’s because they wanted to use certain clips with certain phrases to make it more streamlined?

Anyway, the trailer is put together quite well and doesn’t have any down time (which is very important for an action movie). We get some clips of some good action beats, including some hints at some vicious hand-to-hand sequences.

Bautista definitely needs a good director and action cinematographer to bring out the best of his abilities. He has the stature to be imposing and the voice to come across as threatening, but it all depends on how well those traits are realized by the director.

Dave Bautistia - Final Score

Final Score looks like it could be a good Saturday night popcorn flick. If it maintains a solid pace and has some good performances by Ray Stevenson and Pierce Brosnan, it could end up turning out to be another solid entry in the long-line of Die Hard clones.

I don’t know how well Bautista will be able to carry a flick like this on his own, and this definitely seems like a film that Scott Adkins or Donnie Yen could have knocked out of the park if they were in better graces with Pedowood producers. But at the end of the day we’re in desperate need of masculine leading men, and so I’m not going to complain about Bautistia attempting to fulfill that role during these dire times.

You can look for Final Score to hit theaters on September 7th.


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