Fractured Lands, Mad Max-Style Battle Royale Enters Early Access July 31st For $19.99
Fractured Lands

Unbroken Studios announced that the Battle Royale, last-man-standing first-person, action-driving shooter game, Fractured Lands, will enter into Early Access on the Steam store for PC starting July 31st for $19.99.

The game is a combination of wasteland survival with action-oriented driving similar to Mad Max. The game will see players enter into a wasteland where they’ll need to scavenge supplies both for themselves and for their vehicles, fight off other players during the battle, and attempt to come out the victor and the last man surviving.

Much like other Battle Royale games, there’s a time limit to how long the battles will take place. Instead of an invisible dome closing in on players or some laser grid encircling the survivors, there’s a radioactive storm that slowly covers the battle area, forcing players to act quick or risk being sucked up inside the deadly storm.

You can see what the basic gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Players start with motorcycles, four-wheelers, and roadsters, and then attempt to race to find new weapons, modifications for the weapons, and equipment in which to outfit their vehicle with.

You can add a number of really cool specs to your vehicle, including jump-jets, rockets, cannons, turrets, mini-guns, and spikes.

The game play looks like a mix between RAGE, Mad Max and Fallen Earth.

Graphically the game is passably serviceable, but concept wise is where the game shines. It looks like both a solid combat-racer like Twisted Metal and a decent first-person post-apocalyptic shooter such as RAGE.

A lot of gamers in the comment section of the YouTube trailer are begging Unbroken Studios for a proper single-player campaign. Let’s hope that the game does well enough as a Battle Royale title for Unbroken Studios to consider fleshing out a campaign mode. I would hate to see such a cool concept go to waste on little more than being a conduit for microtransactions and cash shops post-release.

You can look for the game to enter into Early Access on Steam starting July 31st at the end of the month. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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