Genesis/Mega Drive Still Working? Aboard the Kung-Fu UFO!
Kung Fu UFO

I suppose when you’re creating a 16-bit title exclusive to the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive category, comparisons with classics of the original and/or Kickstarter era are inevitable.

Which is probably why Retro Nerve states from the very get that while Kung-Fu UFO doesn’t seek to emulate any existing titles, you MIGHT find that it draws from them the occasional inspiration. TMNT, for instance, or Battletoads, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia, and maybe even The Way of The Exploding Fist and The Way of The Tiger, for the sake of obscurity.

You’ve probably watched that game-play preview for yourself and wondered, well that wasn’t much. And it isn’t supposed to be; the recording’s off a month-old alpha build that has several features missing like death animations and various other niceties representative of the full game.

I am however impressed by its fiery tunes, the robustness of its martial art animations, and the nonchalance of its enemies that gives the whole setting a very effective 80s/90s Shaolin vibe. So does the sci-fi storyline for that matter, of a country boy given to a life of farming with mom, making buddies and getting by.

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Posted by Retro Nerve on Saturday, July 7, 2018

This until he finds mother kidnapped by a Chinese bandit and an alien with a message, the sort that leads him to save his mother, their family, his planet and possibly the entire galaxy in exactly that order.

You’ll have proper 16-bit cutscenes with actions and dialogues doing the talking, while the platformer/beat ‘em up mix takes you across multiple worlds, puzzles, boss fights and bonus stages even, inclusive of vehicles.

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Posted by Retro Nerve on Saturday, June 2, 2018

To this end a fighting engine is being crafted from the ground up, letting you kick, punch, block and combo at whatever complexity you or the game demands. Custom PC and Amiga software for graphics, color palettes and sounds.

With two each of artists and programmers, Retro Nerve has clearly been self-funding this little venture by itself for some time now with roughly six other Patrons. A thorough Kickstarter is coming very soon for which you can sign-up here.

It is for now to be released only in cartridge form, although there’s no harm in hoping for a PC port as with all games of this nature.


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