Ghoul Trailer Combines Military Thriller With Indian Horror
GHOUL (2018)

There’s usually a gap between cultural consumption when it comes to various genres of films and media outside of the typical region where the media originates. For example, if you live in America you’re unlikely to see many Chinese or Japanese military flicks. If you live in Norway it’s unlikely that you’re familiar with Mexican thrillers. And if you live in Australia you probably rarely get to see good films at all, given how much of a nanny state it is. Well, in this particular case Netflix and Blumhouse Productions are aiming to bring an Indian military-horror series to international audiences with a project called Ghoul.

The series is set to premiere on August 24th, 2018 next month.

It stars Radhika Apte as an aide for an interrogation unit. She’s sent to a remote military complex to help oversee the interrogation of a terrorist suspect named Ali Saeed Al Yacoub. Things don’t go quite as planned when Yacoub arrives and the interrogation process begins. In fact, Yacoub seems to summon supernatural forces to the remote prison, endangering everyone within the complex.

You can check out the trailer below from JoBlo TV trailers.

We don’t actually know what’s going on other than that bad things begin to happen within the prison, and Apte’s commander is forced to intervene. It appears Yacoub gets the military forces to start killing each other, as evident with the scene where another female commander and a few other soldiers begin to raise their guns toward one another without a trace of cognizance.

The electronics appear to go haywire and Apte is trapped within the prison.

The trailer ends with her tapping an inmate who then turns around and appears to be some sort of demon creature.

It’s not the most original premise out there, but combining a military suspense thriller with John Carpenter’s The Thing certainly isn’t a bad way to go.

From the looks of it, Radhika Apte isn’t another strong-willed, kick-butt woman who don’t need no man™. She comes across as somewhat eager to please, reluctant to engage, and docile. But then again, this is an Indian production and not an American or British production, and that would explain why her character acts human instead of like a typical SJW caricature.

Anyway, it looks like an interesting project. It’s just too bad it’s on Netflix.


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