Glass Trailer Reveals M. Night’s Aim To Create A Shared Super Hero Universe
Glass (2019)

Universal Pictures released a new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, the sequel to Unbreakable and Split. The movie completes the trilogy of super hero/villain flicks that the director has been cooking up since 2000.

The trailer is a suspenseful near-three minutes of character building and scenario structuring, as we find that Bruce Willis’ David Dunn character from Unbreakable is locked away in a high-security ward with Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass, and James McAvoy’s multiple split personalities.

The movie stars Sarah Paulson as Dr. Ellie Staple, attempting to discover the root causes behind the hero/villain complexes underlying each of the three characters. You can check out the trailer below.

The hook for the film is that Mr. Glass – a man suffering from osteogenesis imperfcta, where his bones are very brittle and break very easily – attempts to team up with McAvoy’s split personalities. Specifically, he wants to meet and make use of The Beast.

This leads to a psychological game of cat and mouse.

The movie looks like a slow burn toward a big showdown of sorts. We see that eventually The Beast and Dunn battle it out, with The Beast eventually getting the upper hand.

Glass (2019) - The Beast

It looks like a culmination of 18 years worth of storytelling coming to a head.

M. Night’s latest flick seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback from potential moviegoers who have warmed up to the director after a series of missteps he took leading up to the critically panned and under-performing duds that were Avatar: The Last Airbender and After Earth.

Spending his time on lower budget flicks and thrillers of a smaller scope, M. Night had to re-earn his trust from moviegoers with films like The Visit and Split, which helped put him back on the map as a writer and director who has some modicum of skill.

We’ll see if he can complete the trilogy in a proper way with the release of Glass, which is due out in theaters in January of 2019.


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