Hand of Fate 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch July 17th With DLC Included
Hand of Fate 2 Nintendo Switch

Defiant Development has announced that Hand of Fate 2 is set to launch on July 17th for the Nintendo Switch for $29.99 with all of the previously released DLC included in the package. The game originally came out back in November of 2017 last year for PC. In our Hand of Fate 2 review Matt S., though it was okay enough to “try it” at the time.

The game later came out for the PS4 and Xbox One in 2018, and now Defiant Development have plans on launching the game later this month for Nintendo Switch owners.

The game is a hybrid assortment of gameplay, mixing in some role-playing elements with exploration and deckbuilding. The game centers around a mysterious Dealer who comes back to exact his revenge. Players will take a card from the dealer’s hand and attempt to carry out a specific trial revealed by the card.

As depicted in the trailer, your objective is to venture across the mini-board and complete the objectives, conquer the trials and level up your hand.

Some of the trials will include having to battle it out against certain foes in real-time third-person action-oriented combat. You’ll have a variety of attacks and abilities at your disposal in doing so, and a variety of enemies to combat as well, from undead warriors, to skeleton hordes, to giant ogres.

Additionally, you’ll have other mini-games to conquer and tabletop-style progression to encounter as you make your way towards the end of the game.

There have been some criticisms with the trials getting somewhat repetitive, so hopefully during the time that Defiant was working with the Switch port they managed to switch things up to keep it fresh during the gameplay.

There are a variety of companion characters you’ll meet along the way and various combat styles to adapt, so hopefully this will help give the Nintendo Switch version of Hand of Fate 2 a feeling of freshness that soured some reviewers hours into the adventure.

You can learn more about Hand of Fate 2 by visiting the official website.


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