Hell Let Loose Panther Tank And Panzerschreck Screenshots Appear

Hell Let Loose is an upcoming first-person shooter set during the Second World War. The online PC game running on Unreal Engine 4, which is published and developed by Black Matter, and features map sizes of 4km2. These big maps will call for tanks and anti-tank weapons, where one of the former is the German Panther tank, and the latter is the Panzerschreck.

At this point in time, it’s unclear if Black Matter will be able to deliver Hell Let Loose during Q3 or Q4 2018 (as noted on the game’s website). With the heavy radio silence looming around for months, it wouldn’t be shocking to hear a delay is needed to help out with development.

Speaking of radio silence, we learn that the devs have acknowledged the drought of information and posted some new screenshots of Hell Let Loose to sate eager fans.

With that said, it should stand as an indication that the devs are still working on the WW2 FPS game despite the lack of major updates on their main website.

The screenshots consist of one of the many usable tanks, and that happens to be the German Panther tank.

The Panther tank will, as noted above, provide “devastating flexibility” to the battlefield. Despite its power and capability, though, the Panther will be “expensive to deploy” and replace when destroyed.

Destroying tanks in Hell Let Loose will be a thing. We know this thanks to a new batch of screens showing the Panzerschreck. The weapon will provide German units the ability to counter any opposing Allied armor causing a real mess.

As of right now, Hell Let Loose is being developed for PC. No recent updates have been shared on development progress besides the aforesaid screens. More information pertaining to Hell Let Loose can be found by hitting up the game’s official website hellletloose.com.


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