Huawei Aims To Build And Release A Flexible Foldable Smartphone Soon
Huawei Fodable Phone

The latest rumors and talk centers around Huawei latest project. The company is aiming to not only build a foldable smartphone, but to release it to the public by 2019. According to Extremetech, Huawei would like to aim to achieve this goal before Samsung launches its flexible foldable smartphone. It seems the company plans to produce a limited first batch of 20,0000 to 30,000 units by 2019, this strategy is said to be twofold: first, it’s to gain attention of the media, and secondly — as already mentioned — it’s to be the first to achieve this goal before Samsung.

It seems Huawei has already partnered with China’s BOE Technology Group to supply the flexible panels. BOE Technology is known as one of the leading companies in manufacturing LCD display, the company also makes LCD panels for televisions, and monitors. Rumors has it that this will be a new venture for the company in manufacturing OLED panels.

One benefit of having a foldable phone it could allow for more of a convenience for using one hand when in a folded position, and since OLED displays have the advantage of being able to be molded it could easily be molded into curved shapes.

A recent report by stated that even though Samsung is quite eager to debut a foldable display, the company is “still concerned if the new foldable phone can really satisfy the consumers and create demand for it to be able to generate profits.”

Huawei has also made it known the company plans to replace Apple and become No. 2 in smartphone shipments soon, according to the latest global market statistics.

Huawei’s shipment margin is steadily growing faster each year, and currently the company is in 3rd place. But by the end of 2018, Hauwei will probably be known as the world’s 2nd largest smartphone company. Huawei shipment growth in the last 3 years has accelerated to a mass annual shipment of 300 million to 400 million smartphones.

As always stay tuned for further updated information as the rumors and talk continue to surface regarding Huawei foldable smartphone.

Photo Credits:, Tabletnews


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