Identity V, Asymmetrical Survival-Horror Game Launches July 5th
Identity V

NetEase announced that their survival-horror, asymmetrical multiplayer game, Identity V, is set to launch on July 5th. This is likely good news for people who didn’t want to wait a long time for the game to launch. The bad news, however, is that it’s coming to iOS.

Asymmetrical multiplayer survival-horror games are a rare breed. There are a handful of these games that exist but either they’re in Early Access, or cheaply made, or like in the case of Friday The 13th: The Game, completely stumped due to licensing issues taking place in court.

Nevertheless, Dead By Daylight alum, Behaviour Interactive, have applied their expertise to Identity V. It actually incorporates some of Behaviour’s popular Dead By Daylight mechanics into the very fabric of its DNA, but fine-tuned for mobile play.

Just like Dead By Daylight, it’s a five-player game where one person takes on the role of the Hunter and four other players take on the role as Survivors. The objective of the Survivors is to escape the manor, while as the Hunter your objective is to kill all the Survivors and make sure their flesh suits become mounted on the walls like human taxidermy.

You can check out a video below to get an idea of what the iOS survival-horror game looks like.

I have to admit, the launch trailer is not what I expected at all. In fact, had the press release never given away that the game was a mobile horror game I never would have assumed that it was an iOS exclusive.

The gameplay is a mash-up of Evolve and Citizen Kabuto. As the Survivors you’ll need to decipher the coded towers as well as find a way off the manor grounds. As the Hunter you’ll be able to use a number of traps to capture and kill the Survivors.

You’ll be able to grab a copy from the iTunes App Store in just a few days starting July 5th.


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