Indie Pogo, Smash Bros-Style Fighting Game Launches July 10th On Steam
Indie Pogo Fighting Game

Indie Pogo from Lowe Bros. Studios is prepping for its eventual July 10th release on Steam for PC. The game is essentially an indie version of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros., featuring lots of different characters from popular indie games all joined together in one big, 2D, fighting tournament.

The game supports two to four players in arena-based battles taking place across a number of stages and featuring a number of playable characters, including Lilac from Galaxy Trail’s Freedom Planet, or the kid from Teslagrad, or Penelope from The Next Penelope… who is a one-armed pilot. Why is she missing her arm? Because some SJWs told the developer he should consider making her disabled.

Anyway, there are also characters from Bit.Trip.Runner, VVVVV and even the other Smash Bros., clone Rivals of Aether. You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay will be like.

So the Lowe Bros., managed to collaborate with over 50 different independent game studios to include the various characters from popular indie games in Indie Pogo. There are also stages, music sound effects, and gameplay elements all based on existing games. It’s like a fighting version of Super Indie Karts.

The game was originally Kickstarted back in 2017, and the developers originally planned on releasing the game back in May, but it was delayed to July, which isn’t that bad at all. Some indie games that get Kickstarted usually end up getting delayed by years, and then when they finally do release they end up on Early Access where they spend another several months going through the developmental wringer.

In this case, it appears Lowe Bros. Studios has a good handle on their game and it looks like it will launch feature-complete this month. It’ll definitely be a good alternative for PC gamers who wanted a Super Smash Bros., game but didn’t want to bother purchasing a Nintendo Switch.

You can look to pick up a digital copy of Indie Pogo on July 10th, or wishlist the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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