Installation 01 Team Shows Off Progress Made From 2013 To 2018 On Halo-Inspired FPS

The Installation 01 Team happens to be a non-commercial subsidiary of Soon Studios, and they released a new Installation 01 update showing progress made from 2013 to 2018. The videos detailing the PC Halo-inspired fan game covers weapons, customization, maps and much more.

Created under Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules, the team behind Installation 01 are using assets from scratch based on the Halo universe and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

The team is also in contact with representatives of 343 Industries and Microsoft so that Installation 01 can meet their guidelines and release without any legal problems.

A quick description explaining what Installation 01 has to offer lies below:

“Installation 01 is a free, fan-made Halo game and artistic tribute to the series by passionate fans from around the globe. Our goal is bring a unique classic Halo multiplayer experience to Windows, macOS, and Linux. We hope to combine the best elements from each Halo game into something new.”

With that said, the devs behind Installation 01 have released two new update videos that you can watch right here:

The two videos can be found over on In addition, the website also details that DragonCASTjosh, who works on TimeSplitters: Rewind, has decided to come over to the Halo side and help the team out. Brian Hamlin has also returned and will continue to help with the game’s (UI) menus.

And if you were paying attention to the last video, you can hear the team’s original cover of the Halo theme.

Moreover, if this fan project sees the light and releases as intended, this should quench the dry throats of gamers who experienced what happened to Halo Online ElDewrito.

Lastly, while fans wait for official information to come from Microsoft and 343 Industries on Halo: Infinite, you can stay up to date on all things Installation 01 by hitting up the weekly updated


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