La-Mulana 2, Indiana Jones-Style Metroidvania Launches On Steam
La-Maluna 2

Japanese development studio Nigoro and publisher AGM Playism announced that La-Mulana 2 is available today on Steam. It’s a 32-bit style throwback to old-school adventuring and exploration, combining the likes of Pitfall with Super Metroid. Thematically, the motif is essentially designed to be Indiana Jones retrofitted into a Metroidvania-style platforming game.

The crowdfunded title was brought to life thanks to backers on Kickstarter who wanted to see a more streamlined Metroidvania game designed in the vein of old Arabian adventure films from the silver age of Hollywood.

The game was crowdfunded way back in the day, when people still trusted Kickstarter campaigns. As mentioned by Takumi Naramura in the Steam thread, they’re still looking to take feedback during the early launch period and have plans on improving and optimizing the game post-launch…

“To be honest, I’m sure there are still bugs we weren’t able to find. There are places we weren’t able to finish exactly as we wanted, and I feel like there are varying levels of completion throughout the game.


“But that’s the point from which La-Mulana grew into what it is now, too. So I’m sure La-Mulana 2 will be the same.


“We really want to hear all of your opinions and feedback. We’ve kept you waiting for four and a half years, so we hope you have enough fun to make up for it.”

Based on the trailer, the game looks more complete than most AAA titles. Check it out below.

I have to say, this game reminds me a lot of the classic SNES platformers from back in the day, but with a touch of 32-bit assets from the PSX and PS2 era.

You’ll have to advanced through the tombs, caves, and dungeons, making your way through the platforming obstacles, battling bosses, and using a variety of items to help you along the way.

The game puts you in the role of Lumisa Kosugi, the daughter of the hero from the original La-Mulana. Kosugi is in search of finding the answer to the mystery of the appearance of monsters at the Lumisa ruins. She must explore multiple maps, solve various puzzles, and unravel the riddles behind the ancient secrets of the monsters that roam the ruins.

La-Mulana 2 takes gamers back to the old days of gaming, promising no long tutorial levels, no obnoxious side-kicks who prattle on and on for hours, and no hand-holding.

The developers expect most gamers to spend about 20 through 30 hours in order to complete the game, and you’ll have over 60 items to collect, seven weapons to acquire, 10 sub-weapons to equip, and over 20 apps to instal on the in-game adventurer’s tablet known as the Mobile Super X3.

You can pick up a digital copy of La-Mulana 2 by visiting the Steam store page. Maybe if sales are strong and the demand is high, we might even see the game make the leap to the Nintendo Switch?


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