Latest Rumors Surrounding Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9

The latest talk centering around Samsung’s latest mobile device is that the company has set the launch event date for August 9th in Brooklyn, New York for it’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9. It should be noted, Samsung has kept a pretty tight lip on actual specs regarding this device at this point, and just enough information to prepare for the launch date, but let’s take a look at the information that has surfaced regarding talks and rumors for the latest mobile device.

Word around the street is that the Galaxy Note 9 is rumored to have an AMOLED display, sport an in-screen fingerprint scanner under the camera, and stand at 6.38 inches display, taller than the Galaxy Note 8 which stands at 6.32 inches. Since the first quarter of 2018, it was given the code-name “Crown”; rumor has it that only slight changes has been made in the design area, so pretty much it’s safe to say it resembles the Galaxy Note 8. That being said, expect a rectangular shape, curved edges,with a near bezel-less, front-frontal glass, and an edge-to-edge screen, along with retaining the micro SD card slot. There will be a microphone on the bottom edge, and the power and volume buttons on the left edge, with the Bixby button on the right.

Talk also has it that Samsung might use its trademarked “metal 12” which is a non-heavy metal material that has an oxide coating surface, and light but strong construction for maintaining durability.

The battery size is rumored to be between 3,850 to 4,000 mAh, and is said to be able perform up to 25 hours worth of video playback with the screen set at maximum brightness. It also seems users will have the choice of three versions to choose from either 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, or 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage, or 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The device in the U.S., and South Korea will house a Snapdragon One, while the rest of the world will house a Exynos chipset, and will run on Android 8.1.

The Galaxy Note 9 is said to sport dual cameras and will be aligned horizontally with a variable aperture range, also having the new ISOCELL Plus camera sensor, with super camera resolution at over 20mp. At this time information is limited regarding the camera deportment, look for more information to surface as the launch date approaches.

The Inquirer states that the S-Pen stylus will come with a baked-in Bluetooth, which could perform as controlling long range self-timer, and have the ability to pause and resume music playback, as well as act as a camera shutter button. Based on the above picture, the S-Pen could possibly come in the color gold, and the designated colors for this handset is reported to be blue, copper, sliver, violet and black. The retail price has not been made available as of yet, but expect the price to start over $ 900 US .


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