MAME 0.200 Improves Support For InterPro 2000, Camputers Lynx
MAME 0200

The MAME 0.200 release brought with it a number of improvements and advancements for those interested in computer and arcade emulation. The major revisions includes better support for the U.K., line of Camputers Lynx systems, along with improved and reworked support for Acorn System emulation, along with improved software support for the Sharp 68000, and partially working support for the InterPro 2000 workstation that can install and run the UNIX operating system, CLIX.

You can download MAME 0.200 right now from over on the official download page.

The 0.200 update contains more than just some improvements and support advancements for some esoteric computer systems, there’s also a bevy of new clones that now work, including the Acorn System 2, Acorn System 3, and Acorn System 4.

The world version of Air Rescue is now working, along with Apache 3, version 1.2 of Hayaoshi Quiz Nettou Namahousou, the U.S., prototype 12 version of Led Storm Rally 2011, and and a triple set of bootleg clones of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. There are so many clones of Street Fighter that it’s amazing that people are still making more.

A couple of other machines ended up in the “Not Working” category, including Donkey Kong Jr, Fever Chance, and Captain Zodiac.

Two clones also ended up in the “Not Working” category as well, including JokerZ! and Safe Cracker.

There have been a number of revisions to the software under the hood as well, helping MAME function properly and improving the overall compatibility and usability, such as improving the refresh rates for the x68000, improving some of the Atari memory access, system improvements for the Apple2, along with a couple of fixes for some crashes.

Overall, the 0.200 isn’t a huge update, but for those looking forward to more support for a few of those ancient computer systems, it’s probably big news for enthusiasts.

You can learn more about all of the changes by visiting the official MAME website.


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