Mega Milk Story Will Bring The Milky Goodness To Steam August 3rd
Mega Milk Story

Have you been thirsting lately for a supple suckling for fresh milk? Do you have a burning desire to lock your lips around a nice, juicy dispensary of ice cold, freshly squeezed milk? Maybe you’re also in the mood to satisfy your happiness by squeezing out some pearly white liquid? And do you have an uncomfortable bit of elongated tension that can only be relieved through indulging in a good, big, succulent, RPG tale? Well, if you answered ‘Yes’ to each of those questions, you might be able to find what you’re looking for in Sugar Star and Citadel Translations’ Mega Milk Story.

The game has a really simple plot but it unfolds in a rather complex and intelligent way.

You see, you take on the role of George the rancher who has found himself up debt creek. He can’t make it and he certainly doesn’t want to take the hay strand out of his mouth and replace with the fleshy strudels of Tyrone and Bubba to make ends meet.

Instead, George acquires a Chichi named Hanako, who is a humanoid milk-dispenser. Her large, bouncy supply of milk-storage units can make George a lot of money, but he’ll need help building up the ranch, acquiring supplies, and competing in competitions.

A mercenary named Erin helps along the way, raiding dungeons and scouring forests for supplies. Together, George, Erin and Hanako will attempt to produce the best milk possible from the best breasts in the land.

Gameplay in Mega Milk Story is actually pretty unique. You’ll need to take care of Hanako by petting her, rubbing her, and generally making her feel good… real good.

The better you treat Hanako the more milk she produces. You can use the milk as healing supplies for Erin as she battles dangerous bandits and monsters in the forests and dungeons in order to acquire sparkling loot and rewards to help get the ranch out of debt.

Meanwhile you can use the supplies to help increase Hanako’s standing and beauty, so much so that you can compete in Chichi competitions in hopes of becoming the most beautiful and best milk-spewing cowgirl around.

The idea is to eventually upgrade Hanako so that she can eventually produce the most valuable commodity around: Mega Milk.

The game was originally supposed to be due out earlier in the summer but according to a Steam post by Citadel, an issue with the game review process has delayed Mega Milk Story to an August 3rd release.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mega Milk Story or adding it to your wishlist, be sure to visit the Steam store page.

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