Meow Motors Puts Cats in Karts, Thinks That’ll Make You Laugh
Meow Motors

Sure, nothing spells Monday like procrastinating over cat videos when you should be employed. Looking as good as they do on Meow Motors though, I doubt there’s much shame in indulging.

Even as a simulation racing enthusiast with little-to-no talent and feline companions of his own, I can come to appreciate what’s on offer here. Three very classic game modes of circuit, drift and strike let you flesh out your racing fancies in go-karts.

I’m not told how the latter of these functions, but I’d assume it over indulges in the 10 distinct power-ups available for pick-up on track. These can apparently be combined with the inherent skill sets of any of the 10 whiskered individuals to give you added edge; bubble guns, shark bazookas, oil spills or just plain old automatic repairs.

What Artvostok calls ‘karts’ however are really of the Countach, GT Competition Ferrari and Cooper T43 caricature sort; accompanying these are any of the 20-odd stylized tracks that happen with bombs, mines and other assorted hazards you’d not normally find at a Horizon festival.

Peanut gun! Do you like this? Let us know in the comments!This gun will be able to open through gathering power-ups on the #MeowMotors tracks.

Posted by Meow Motors on Sunday, May 20, 2018

If Fast & Furious narratives are your thing then yeah, there’s a Master Duke, some well-kept secret and a supposed championship in need of a beating here, your quest for which will bring you even more karts, power ups and team-mates even.

If not, four-player co-operative game-play, physics that encourage plenty of sideways driving and kart damage should provide you with an excuse to have a few friends over. But what’s Meow Motors doing on Early Access if all of its story, cars, characters, training and modes are fully included?

Driving in #MeowMotors is harsh and vehicles get a certain amount of damage. All this leads to the vehicle starting to ride slower.That’s why you will need that repair stuff!

Posted by Meow Motors on Monday, May 21, 2018

By Artvostok’s own admission, it’s keen on making a good impression with what is its first release and plans to do so by feeding on player opinion, sealing its many chinks and creating an overall addictive experience that shouldn’t just distract on Mondays – but through the weekends too.

Go see how they’re getting along.


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