Michel Ancel Says They Might Need To Find Another Team To Make Rayman 4

It’s been a while since Ubisoft has made another Rayman installment in the series of games, but it seems that Michel Ancel, best known for creating the Rayman franchise, has opened up a little on making Rayman 4 in a recent conversation on Instagram.

Not too long ago, Ancel took a trip to meet up with another development studio to share knowledge and interact with while he stayed. Capturing the trip, Ancel posted pictures on his Instagram account for others to see, which in turn sparked various queries.

One of the many questions fired Ancel’s way happened to be about if he and crew will make another Rayman game, specifically Rayman 4. In short, there were quite a few questions regarding Rayman 4, to which Ancel had enough time to answer most of the queries in one post.

His reply to fans of Rayman reads:

“Thx 😉 I confirm that I’m well occupied. Rayman is in my heart but we might need to find another team to make it happen in a glorious 3d return. A bit like for Rayman 3 that was developped in // of BGE1 by a wonderfull team in Paris.”

According to Ancel’s reply, he’s pretty busy at the moment and well occupied. However, Rayman is in his heart — meaning that the series isn’t forgotten — but if Ubisoft were to do it, they might need to find another team to make Rayman 4 happen, similar to Rayman 3. Additionally, it seems like Ancel wants to make it in “glorious 3D,” and not in 2D or 2.5D.

Based on Ancel’s comment or reply, it doesn’t seem like Rayman 4 will happen any time soon. The good news for hardcore fans of the Rayman series of games is that it isn’t forgotten.

With all of that said, Rayman 4 could happen with another team helping out, but would you like to see a new game or no?