My Brother Rabbit Teases How He’ll Help a Little Girl Cope This Fall
My Brother Rabbit

If my imagination were to be left to its own devices at that age, I’d probably be wasting ink on stupidly drawn stick figures and the world’s time by being a nonsensical little fart.

Maybe not much has changed since then. The Flower however is far more mature, and so is her Brother Rabbit. A young girl’s parents might leave no stone unturned in helping her through a contracted illness and yet, her older brother of a sibling is more inclined to help her cope.

This, by means of a make-believe world that he creates for her to seek comfort in. That should well explain enormous moon face, Mrs. Squatting Pear, the house on a mollusk and other bizarre specimen I clearly have no names for in the short teaser.

That is also all you’re made privy to from My Brother Rabbit at this point, with its Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch release set for Fall 2018, although I’d have liked to see gameplay. There’s plenty of time for that I suppose.

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Posted by Artifex Mundi on Saturday, June 30, 2018

One must admit to what’s on display being beautifully drawn however, as Artifex Mundi itself puts it, and in-game screenshots are at least promising of this persisting throughout the narrative. Of this we’re told that the siblings embark on a grand quest spread across five distinct neighborhoods not dissimilar to Alice’s wonderland.

Since subjecting one to point n’ click adventures and puzzles might not be the smartest of cures to a disconcerting illness, the story the little girl is told to help her through their imaginative quest is that a rabbit’s little friend, Ms. Flower, is unwell too.

Together both children must help Brother Rabbit towards a remedy by uncovering many mysteries, assembling machinery and playing mini-games across an expanse that pays no heed to conventional logic; with robo-moose and melting clocks, physics-based game-play maybe?

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Posted by Artifex Mundi on Monday, July 2, 2018

I’d keep an eye on Steam and the official website to find out. A mobile release and official merch. has also been hinted at.


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