No Man’s Sky Next Guide: How To Play With Friends

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky Next update is out now and allows folks to see and play with other players. If you want to know a bit more about the multiplayer functions, this guide aims to cover the basics. No Man’s Sky Next is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Notice: The following information may vary depending on if Hello Games seeds a new update that changes how No Man’s Sky Next multiplayer operates. To stay up to date on all things multiplayer and No Man’s Sky you can visit

If you are looking to play with friends or randoms in Next, you will be able to by heading on over to the shown section (as seen below) that lists Play Game — other players may join your session — and Join Game — join a session with friends or random explorers.

Join Game

Upon clicking on Join Game, you will be able to join a friend (top bar) that you know, or you can join a random group of people (bottom bar) upon clicking Join Random Game.

Join Random Game / Play Game

Upon selecting Join Random Game or Play Game, you will see an empty slot or your save slot(s). If, however, your game is old and pre-dates the update (as seen below), you will see a screen prompt telling you about No Man’s Sky Next.

In Game Options

Once you are in the game, you can head to the Options Menu to see various toggle options. From here you can go into General Options, Network & Voice, and Controls and alter them.

Network & Voice Toggles

In this menu, you can toggle Network Play and Voice Chat on/off. In addition, you can also Invite Friends, too.

Random Information About “Next” Multiplayer

You can be joined by random players when Network Play is turned “on” (applies to co-op / PvP).

Moreover, if you have it set where other people can play with you, then you will see their characters. If you have it set where they can’t join you and you run across someone, then you will see them as an orb.

Lastly, there’s a Reddit question thread where queries are shot at anyone to answer. You can reach this page by hitting up

No Man’s Sky Next is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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