No Man’s Sky Next Trailer Teases New Features And More

Next week, Hello Games will release No Man’s Sky Next as a free update for anyone who owns the game. Ahead of Next’s July 24th launch day, the devs released a teaser trailer showing off what the update has to offer gamers, which the game itself is available on PC and PS4 and will soon hit Xbox One.

Without wasting any time, you can check out the newly released video trailer featured on the teasing some of the things nestled in the Next update thanks to HelloGamesTube.

Furthermore, there will be multiplayer functions at launch. You will be able to team up with a small team of friends or random players to explore the universe together.

In addition to the above, you can help other travelers or prey on them to survive. If you should assume the former role, you will be able to build tiny shelters/complexes and have them shared for all players. If you take up the latter role, you can fight as a pirate or a wingman in “epic” space battles.

You can also customize your character and personalize their appearance.

Moreover, visuals have been overhauled so that you can play the game in third or first-person. Additionally, planetary terrain generation, ground textures, water, clouds, ships, and NPCs have been updated.

Base building is improved so that you can build anywhere on any planet while owning multiple bases.

Lastly, you will be able to assemble and command freighters from the bridge of your customizable ship. In other words, you can send your fleet out into the universe, or deploy them to help you explore various systems.

TL;DR: Gamers will be able to explore the universe with a small group of friends or bump into random travelers in the Next update. Building small shelters or complex colonies are shared for all players to visit and is accompanied by race tracks and trails to share online, too. “Epic” space battles with friends and enemies will be in the Next update along with customizable ships and characters come July 24th.


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