Radiant One, Dreamscape Adventure Game Launches July 25th For PC, Xbox One

Fntastic recently announced that they have an illusory adventure game on the horizon called Radiant One. It’s a 3D, diorama-style title that puts players in the role of a man named Daniel attempting to escape from his mundane life consisting of a work-grind and insipid social media slatherings. Well, one day Daniel happens upon a mysterious book about lucid dreams, and he then begins to use that knowledge to help shape his own dreams.

What starts off as a power trip of creativity and mystiticism quickly turns into something both magical and sinister, as the dreamscape that Daniel dreamed up is no longer as idyllic as he once envisioned, and a much darker reality becomes manifested by the universe.

Within Daniel’s dreams, you must help him navigate his way through tests of survival and to attain enlightenment.

The gameplay trailer for Radiant One showcases how the developers at Fntastic help bring their vision of Daniel’s dreams to life.

The trailer covers some of Daniel’s dreams, where he witnesses flying whales, soars through the sky, explores a topsy-turvy apartment, and peers into the abyss at the edge of a hotel’s hallway.

Much like The Wild Eight, Fntastic’s previous release, the game is still set in an isometric perspective where players navigate around from the three-quarter view.

It’s hard to tell if the platforming will be in real-time or if it will be controlled by the mouse. It’s also difficult to tell what the scope of the gameplay will be like. Will it be a point-and-click only kind of title or will it have some action-oriented segments as well?

Radiant One

Hopefully we’ll get to see more of the gameplay ahead of the release, but some of the scenes actually look kind of intriguing.

Much like the movie Ink we see in one screenshot a sort of shadowy, monster-like creature in rags confronting Daniel. I don’t know if you’ll be able to fight or just take flight, but there are also some sequences where bodies are attached to cords while floating in the sky, not unlike Death Stranding.

In another scene we see Daniel flying with an airplane, which could be fun.

Radiant One - Airplaine

When it comes to video games delving into dream worlds the possibilities are practically endless. Hopefully Fntastic has a sound idea of how to keep the gameplay intriguing and the story engrossing from start to finish.

You can look for Radiant One to launch on July 25th at the end of the month for PC, iPhone and Xbox One. For more info you can visit the official website.


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