Rage 2 Won’t Have Load Screens But Will Fulfill The Promise Of The First Game

Are you looking forward to Rage 2? If so, it seems like Bethesda, id Software, and Avalanche Studios will attempt to bring a game that has no loads screens after you hop in, coupled with fulfilling the promise of what the first Rage was supposed to be through Rage 2.

Whether you’re looking forward to Rage 2 or not, it seems like the devs behind the game will offer up more in the second game, as relayed via publication site gamingbolt.com.

Moreover, the website managed to capture an interview that Tim Willits, a dev working on Rage 2, took up in the Official PlayStation Magazine (for July 2018 issue 150).

According to Willits, the second game will differ from the original. He, Willits, would go on to acknowledge that the original game failed to execute on the kind of emergent gameplay that it had promised due to how it needed to section off the action from the open world, leading to two different gameplay styles — each confined from the other.

Furthermore, Willits told PlayStation Magazine that Rage 2 won’t be two different things like the first game. Instead, players will be able to enjoy the game in a seamless way where you can engage in combat the way you want:

“We had the megatexture technology, and we had the open world, but it was really kind of two different things. It was the wasteland, and you then loaded another level, and then you were in your first person combat. Well, that’s all gone now. You’re just in the game. Everything is seamless, and together, and you can engage in combat the way you want. The promise of Rage is delivered in Rage 2.”

Finally, Rage 2 is set to release across PC, PS4, and Xbox One next year during June. Until then, you can read the full post on gamingbolt.com.


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