Rend, World-Ending Survival Game Set To Enter Steam Early Access On July 31st, 2018
Rend - Early Access

The team-based survival game from Frostkeep Studios called Rend, is set to enter into Early Access on July 31st, 2018 at the end of this month for $29.99. The game is a different kind of survival game compared to others out there, as it’s an MMO that focuses mostly on teamwork in order to progress through the fantasy world that the developers have created.

The game is centered around Nordic mythology on a strange alien world, where you join one of three factions and attempt to build up the faction’s stronghold to withstand the onslaught and emergence of brutal, unforgiving creatures that come from across the land.

You’ll have to work together to go hunting in packs to gather important resources while leveling up your character, unlocking new skills, and developing weapons to make the great journey to eventually conquer the other tribes when the world rending takes place. At the end of each season, the winning faction gets to keep certain rewards that transfers over into the next season.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the Early Access trailer below.

I wasn’t never really expecting much from a game called Rend, but I have to admit that the trailers for this game always manage to amaze me with how well done they are.

As you can see, once you craft up and build your fortress, hordes of monsters, giants, and nightmare creatures will eventually attack. The fortresses can be physically torn down and destroyed, so players are constantly required to stay on the hunt and build up their fortresses to withstand the onslaught as much as possible.

I also love how diverse the environmental palette is, and the varied use of tonal hues throughout the different biomes scattered across the game world. Some barren forests, littered with the remains of skulls and decayed bodies, has a golden tint to its foggy atmosphere; whereas the lava-filled caverns of the flesh-eating spiders has orangish-red emission of light that makes it look as if you’re traversing through some sort of bad dream.

Visually it’s at least somewhat distinctive compared to so many other games out there.

Rend is expected to make its run through Early Access for anywhere between six and 12 months. They have plans on adding new creatures, weapons, artifacts, armor, weapon modifications, base building, and siege weapons.

For more info, feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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