Respawn’s RSP-300 High Performance Gaming Chair Now Available For $214.99
Respawn 300

Respawn announced that the RSP-300 high-performance gaming recliner is currently available right now starting at $214.99. If you’ve been in the electronic jungle, searching out and hunting for a new gaming chair, Respawn wants you to at least give theirs a look-see.

The lightweight design goes for a sleek, angular look around the edges and contours, appearing like some sort of Wing Commander seat for a desk jockey. It features a 360-degree swivel seat, with a reclining arch of 130-degrees. You can also use an infinite angle lock to keep the chair in place at a specific position and for maximum intended comfort. Seat depth and seat height can also be adjusted.

2D flat armrests ensure that you won’t cramp your elbows, and there are adjustable height and depth controls so your arms aren’t ill-positioned during long gaming sessions.

You can see what the base chair looks like with the promo trailer below.

The aerodynamic wings on the side of the headrest might look cool but the headrest itself is actually functional, with a neck-pillow attached at the top of the chair to provide support when you’re leaning against the backrest.

The RSP-300 supports up to 275lbs; and the screened back with a full mesh chair cushion helps round out the features as far as its ergonomic construction is concerned. Aesthetics are another topic, though.

The chair features a two-tone livery that comes in five different colors. The core chair is black but the edges on the wheel base, the wings on the side of the chair, and the corners of the headrest are highlighted in either white, red, green, gray, or blue.

Now keep in mind that the RSP-300 starts at $214.99 if you’re purchasing either the gray or the blue version of the chair. The Green, red, and white versions of the chair start at $249.99. So depending on the color you want depends on whether or not the you’ll be paying an extra $36 for the chair.

Also, a $200 asking price is pretty steep for a gaming chair. However, I suppose a lot of it depends on your budget and whether or not you feel a gaming chair is that important for your gaming sessions.

You can learn more by visiting the official Respawn website.


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