Rogue Heist, 6-vs-6 Heist Game Preps To Enter Early Access On Steam
Rogue Heist

Time2Play Game Studios and Lifelike Studios’ Unreal Engine 4-powered team-based shooter, Rogue Heist, is looking to enter into Early Access on Steam very soon. The game recently received a new trailer and opened up the Steam page so you can learn more about the upcoming team-based heister.

The game is a 6-vs-6 game set in a modern day city where you attempt to work with your buddies to steal as much loot as you can before the opposing team takes you down.

You’ll need to ambush convoys, extract the goods and attempt to win the match. There are two classes to choose from, either a Sniper or an Assault class. The former allows you to spot out enemies and find advantageous points for your team to manipulate, while the Assault class is focused on getting the heavy lifting done.

You can see how the PvP clashes unfold with the gameplay trailer below.

Visually the game looks very similar to Overkill Software’s Payday 2. However, instead of teaming up with other players and taking down police, your objective is to team up with other players and take down other players.

You’ll need to work together to extract the high-value targets, get them to safety and exit the stage in one piece.

It reminds me of the game 25 To Life or APB: Reloaded, just without the vehicles or the ability to play as the cops.

On the upside, the maps look rather spacious, and you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver around and setup the ambush on the intended target.

The game promotes both all-out-assaults and stealth-oriented gameplay. It’s a shame that it was a PvEvP kind of game where NPC cops flood the area and really throw a monkey wrench in your plans. Oh well… maybe in the sequel?

Anyway, a closed beta test is currently taking place between July 13th and July 15th. Once that wraps up the developers are looking to launch Rogue Heist into Early Access.

They have plans on keeping it in Early Access until around January, 2019.

You can learn more about Rogue Heist by visiting the Steam store page.


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