SkyBox Labs Will Help 343 Industries With Halo: Infinite

The next Halo game that currently has no release date and is set to launch on PC and the Xbox family of consoles is called Halo: Infinite. As it stands now, 343 Industries will have help from SkyBox Labs on Infinite from here on out.

The Vancouver based game studio, SkyBox Labs, has partnered with 343 Industries. However, this isn’t the first time the duo have teamed up. We can trace their partnership back to Halo 5: Forge for Windows 10, and the Xbox One X enhancements for Halo 5: Guardians.

Right now, SkyBox Labs and 343 Industries are currently working on Halo: Infinite. The next installment in the Halo universe — revealed at E3 2018 — will see the return of Master Chief.

SkyBox Labs and 343 Industries announced they are reuniting over on, where the two will focus on AI, gameplay, networking, and “cutting-edge graphics.”

According to Steven Silvester, co-founder of SkyBox Labs, he noted the following:

“Seeing the new art style and the return of the Master Chief, combined with the technology of the Slipspace Engine, has our studio energized and focused on teaming up with our partners at 343 Industries to realize the vision of Halo Infinite.”

According to the listed website above, SkyBox Labs is currently working on Halo: Infinite, the Minecraft universe, and on an unannounced internal IP.

No word on this “unannounced internal IP” has surfaced yet, but we do know that SkyBox Labs has almost doubled in size year over year to more than 100 team members, with most of the team working on Halo: Infinite. The studio is still growing and actively hiring engineers, artists, and designers for Halo: Infinite.

As noted above, the game has no release date as of this writing. However, it will drop across PC (likely through the Windows 10 Store) and the Xbox family of consoles. You can learn more about this partnership by heading over to