Soul Calibur VI Has No Current Plans On Costume Collaborations

A recent interview between another publication site and producer of Soul Calibur VI, Motohiro Okubo, talked a myriad of things, and one of those things happened to be about how there are no plans for costume collaborations at the moment. This, however, will be offset by the “character creator,” which Okubo thinks will open a lot of possibilities for tweaking a character to a player’s liking.

As noted above, the producer of Soul Calibur VI took up an interview with another publication site which happens to be

One of the many questioned fired toward Okubo about Soul Calibur VI revolves around the Chronicles Mode and how much of the timeline does it encompass, to which he, Okubo, responded:

“In the story mode, we’re rewinding the timeline back to Soul Calibur I and II, in the 16th Century, and telling the story of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, light versus darkness. I don’t think we were able to fully depict it as well as we would have liked in Soul Calibur I and II, so we are revisiting that narrative with new episodes and characters.”

The interviewer wanted to know will the long time from the last game to now impact the story and if players will see different costumes or character variations, such as showing up as an alternate or younger/older version of their character. Okubo explains:

“For Soul Calibur VI, I don’t know if the term ‘reboot’ is the right term to use, but we are revisiting the narrative and retelling the story. Of course, we have the setting of the Astral Realm as well. In terms of characters and their design of which characters are participating in Soul Calibur VI, we tried not to be too bound by their specific era or setting as much as delivering a roster of the most fun characters we thought characters should experience.”

On the topic of characters, the interview took a slight shift on the return of the “Create a Character” mode and how will it be in Soul Calibur VI, which the producer’s response lies below:

“I believe the character creator is a very essential part of the Soul Calibur experience, so it will show up in one way or another in Soul Calibur VI. How it will look exactly, I cannot say yet.”

The second to last query geared toward the producer happens to be about two things. The first thing is about Geralt of Rivia and if he is the only collaborative guest character to join the roster, and the second question is about whether fans will see new cross-franchise costumes. Okubo surprisingly answered:

“For guest characters, Geralt is going to be the only guest character on the disc. In terms of costume collaborations, there aren’t any plans at the moment but there will be the character creator, so I think that opens a lot of possibility for tweaking a character to your liking.”

With that said, it looks like Geralt will be the only guest character on-disc, and if there are other collaborative characters, they will be DLC. As for costume collaborations, there aren’t any plans right now. Instead, the “character creator” system will allow for a lot of possibilities to tweak a character “to your liking.”

Soul Calibur VI is set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 19th, 2018.


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