Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.0 Will Add Planet Hurston
Star Citizen alpha 3.3.0

In the latest Around The Verse episode for Star Citizen, it’s one week removed for the full alpha 3.2.0 release and the episode starts by recapping some of the features that have been added to the game so far. The video also reveals that for alpha 3.3.0 planet Hurston will finally join the Star Citizen persistent universe.

Alpha 3.2.1 will also include refined turret gameplay. 3.2.1 also includes some bug fixes and quality of life adjustments so that the game plays smoother during traversal and combat. You can check out the video below, which is mostly a recap of what has already been featured in alpha 3.2.0’s release and what’s inbound for alpha 3.2.1.

The team has also been improving the sound effects to revamp the mining sounds so that they have more layers and it sounds more dynamic. The retraction sound effects for the laser mining arm is especially impressive.

Additional motion and facial capture animations are being implemented for the female NPCs and characters, along with refinements being made to the interstitial animation blending so that the characters continue to show more natural transitions between idle and active states.

The video is rather short for this week, but they do note that the planet Hurston will be released for alpha 3.3.0 in September.

Star Citizen - Habitats

They also briefly discuss the upcoming modular habitats for the living stations that will be sprinkled throughout the persistent universe, and they give gamers a brief look at how cluttered and compact they are on the stations.

Expect to see more of the truck stops and habitation modules as alpha 3.3.0 begins to roll in closer towards release.

BoredGamer also highlights some of the changelog for the latest patch and what needs to be done for alpha 3.2.1.

As mentioned in the video, the Mobiglas has been updated with better app streaming.

BoredGamer also highlighted that some emergent gameplay has been taking place but that the targeting and flight models need a lot more improvements before dogfighting feels both impactful and satisfying.

For now alpha 3.2.0 seems like a transitional holdover for a lot of the big features set to appear in 3.3.0, which will also include the revamped combat AI systems for procedural boots-on-the-ground missions.

You can learn more about the developmental roadmap for Star Citizen by visiting the RSI developmental roadmap.


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